Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No.1

It’s starting! The first carnival is being held in Australia and, most appropriately, introduces a number of blogs and bloggers who focus on what’s up in Australia and New Zealand. There are many good crime fiction things happening down under, and some interesting experiments (including Daniel Hatadi’s popular Crimespace community). You can keep up by reading Karen’s blog – or by exploring the vast and wonderful Australian and New Zealand Crime Fiction site where you can not only read about the genre, you can write it – a collaborative serial novel is in the works and you’re welcome to contribute a chapter.

Visit Australia, where the tectonic plates of crime fiction and technology collide in the most interesting ways.

Next up: Our next host, The Rap Sheet, is a must-read blog where J. Kingston Pierce has generously offered to hold the second carnival around October 15th. If you see some exceptional writing in the form of a blog posting, let him know – or tell me and I’ll pass it along.


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3 Responses to “Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No.1”

  1. Angie Says:

    Bookmarking this page so I can keep up! It’s a fab idea (as I’m sure you already know).

  2. Barbara Says:

    Why, thank you! I sometimes wonder about my sanity, so it’s cheering to hear someone say they like the idea, too.

  3. Daniel Hatadi Says:

    I see your tactics here, call it popular and it becomes so. Excellent, excellent. *rubs hands together*

    Oh, great idea by the way. I’ve added this to my Bloglines.

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