Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 6


The mastermind of Material Witness (who is serious about crime fiction, and has the thoughtful reviews to show for it) hosts the latest carnival, offering a bit of respite for the crazed shopper who is beginning to entertain murderous thoughts while hunting in a feral pack for the last Nintendo DS Lite on the planet.

As an alternative, our UK host offers a stroll around the more civilized parts of the blogosphere, stopping for a bit of eavesdropping with Charlaine Harris, a spirited rebuttal of commercialism from Jacqueline Winspear, and a cornucopia of best books recommended in a remarkable series at It’s a Crime! There’s also a musical interlude with some young men who can sing but have difficulty counting, and some darkly ironic Christmas stories based on observations of the Witness himself, who has wry eye for the noirish possibilities offered up by the holidays.

Next up: we’re heading for warmer climes, to the Tropic of Crazy. The next carnival will be hosted in Florida – fertile ground for whacko characters and, quite coincidentally, home to the unrepentent biblioholic, BookBitch.

photo courtesy of Tom@HK


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