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Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 16

May 17, 2008


Our traveling show (or should I say “travelling”?) has set up its tents at the always-intriguing blog of Canadian writer, Sandra Ruttan, and since one of the pleasures of a carnival is the delightfully unhealthy food, we’re serving a Canadian treat for this event. I have a feeling that poutine is not routinely eaten in Sandra’s western province, but the Carnival is nothing if not multicultural.

Ruttan has taken up Bernd’s elegant gauntlet and found some blog posts that belong in the Museum of Memorable Mystery Mutterings. These include a fantastic mystery/crime fiction primer from Brian Lindenmuth’s Mystery Bookspot. (Fair warning – once you enter the maze, you may never come out , there are so many tempting reading possibilities here.) And Anne Frasier’s much-commented-upon post, “Are Writers Broken?” She closed her blog for a time, but recently seems to have reopened it, using the downtime to finish a manuscript – a well-deserved blogging break.

Ruttan also reads widely and connects the dots creatively, so offers a Freakonomics post that might spark some writer’s imagination, as well as rides on the Ferris wheel of her favorite blogs, a food court where mystery readers may safely graze, and an assortment of the weirdly wonderful.

Up next: we’ll be travel(l)ing to the UK again, where host Martin Edwards blogs at Do You Write Under Your Own Name?

yummy photograph courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik.


Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 15

May 1, 2008

Krimileser, aka Bernd Kochanowski, is hosting the carnival this Mayday in Germany at Internationale Krimis. His post embraces the classic style of a blog carnival, which is intended to point out interesting, controversial, and/or high quality blog posts. Carnival of the Criminal Minds › Edit — WordPressIn his case, he’s traveled back into the past to created a “museum” of though-provoking blog posts. What a wonderful idea! Instead of looking for the next new thing, the hot topic, the flash in the pan, he gently turns us around to look back, highlighting some extraordinary reviews, some industry analysis, insightful essays, and posts that grew an interesting tail of commentary. And then, to bring us back to the present, he also reviews crime fiction blogs in Germany and Austria. It’s a veritable wunderkammer of crime fiction.

Next up: The Carnival will be hosted by Canadian blogger Sandra Ruttan whose life and other inconveniences have recently relocated to the US.

photo courtesy of Ennor.