Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 15

Krimileser, aka Bernd Kochanowski, is hosting the carnival this Mayday in Germany at Internationale Krimis. His post embraces the classic style of a blog carnival, which is intended to point out interesting, controversial, and/or high quality blog posts. Carnival of the Criminal Minds › Edit — WordPressIn his case, he’s traveled back into the past to created a “museum” of though-provoking blog posts. What a wonderful idea! Instead of looking for the next new thing, the hot topic, the flash in the pan, he gently turns us around to look back, highlighting some extraordinary reviews, some industry analysis, insightful essays, and posts that grew an interesting tail of commentary. And then, to bring us back to the present, he also reviews crime fiction blogs in Germany and Austria. It’s a veritable wunderkammer of crime fiction.

Next up: The Carnival will be hosted by Canadian blogger Sandra Ruttan whose life and other inconveniences have recently relocated to the US.

photo courtesy of Ennor.


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