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Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 17

June 3, 2008

Author Martin Edwards hosts the latest carnival at the intriguingly-titled blog, “Do You Write Under Your Own Name?” As the author of a series set in Liverpool (and another in the Lake District) Edwards starts with a lyrical trip down memory lane recalling his close escape as a tiny lad from being trampled by screaming teenaged girls when the Beatles (yes, those Beatles) opened the Northwich Carnival. He also provides some lovely photos from a more recent festival in Wales, where they decided in honor of the event to have a sunny day, unlike every day I ever spent in Wales.

(Photo from the Liverpool Brouhaha Carnvial courtesy of Haversack, who wins the title prize for calling his photo “does my bum look big in this?”)

Along with some of the must-read pantheon, like The Rap Sheet and Eurocrime, Petrona and It’s a Crime, Edwards points out some new-to-me blogs that touch on operas, artwork and other things. Musings from a Muddy Island has some photos of pencils that make me sigh with envy. And who can resist a blog with a title like Books to the Ceiling?

Next up: We’re on our way to Paradise, where Kerrie is one of the remarkable mob of crime fiction fans down under who will keep your winter parlor stocked with, well, books to the ceiling, should you live in the southern hemisphere – or will fill your tote with just the perfect books to take to the beach if your location is more northerly.

Apologies from the archivist for being late with this archival posting for No. 17. She was on a book tour, which she foolishly thought was an effort to buy as many books as will fit in the trunk of your car. D’oh! As soon as she unpacks she will no doubt have books to the ceiling.

And an announcement: in order to have sufficient time to book the acts, set up the tents, and see if the remaining Beatles might be talked into an appearance, the Carnival is shifting to a monthly schedule for the next couple of months.