Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 18

We’re taking the O-bahn to paradise for this entry in the Carnival of the Criminal Minds. Kerrie of Adelaide, Australia (also known as “paradise“) has a serious jones for mysteries and covers them in her blog. She also is part of the mob of addicted mystery readers who do much to promote the crime fiction scene down under.

So this summer . . . er, winter, sorry . . . we’re spending time there, getting to know the many talented writers from that paradise that has a criminal past. For the main events, she offers some of her own antipodean reading, a grand parade of Ned Kelly winners, and an introduction to a few Australian criminal rings (of the Internet variety). Come on, come all, come down under for the paradisaical carnival!

creepy carnival koalas

Up next: don’t leave yet, mate. We’re heading to Damien’s Crime Down Under next – see you there around August 1st.

photo of bizarre and mysterious carnival Koalas taken in Adelaide by SpacePotato


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One Response to “Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 18”

  1. Kerrie Says:

    When my eldest daughter was young we simply weren’t allowed to walk past “the laughing clowns” which these are a variant of. Thanks for the promo Barbara

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