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Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 32

February 16, 2009

This edition of the Carnival is the Ultimate Carnival. Not because the rides are scarier, the cotton candy fluffier, or the freak show freakier. No, it’s because it’s had its run and in Internet years it’s getting a bit creaky. It did what it set out to do – introduce crime fiction readers to a wide variety of bloggers who could point out some of the most interesting writing going on in our corner of the blogosphere. Every host put his or her own stamp on it, and those who followed it around the world a couple of times got to hear about interesting books and writers and be part of a worldwide conversation about the genre.

But never fear! There is an even better way to waste time discover fine blogging and discuss it with fellow crime fiction fanatics. A while back, one of the massive brains involved with Euro Crime set up a crime and mystery fiction room in FriendFeed – a social site for sharing links and blog feeds that is hard to describe but is a mini-Harrogate, a daily Bouchercon, a place where readers can swap links, information, opinions, and thoughts.Sign up for an account, fool around with the knobs and buttons, and join in.

Meanwhile – many thanks to all who contributed to this Carnival. It’s been a good ride.

photo courtesy of j.reed


Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 31

February 1, 2009

Surf’s up! Helen of It’s Criminal decided to host the Carnival on the beach this time, realizing that the three-score preceding carnivals had a shocking lack of something essential: buff Aussie blokes. She has taken up the challenge and made sure that her episode of this traveling celebration of crime fiction blogs is not lacking in the buff-Aussie-bloke category. She also notes that it’s uncommonly hot down under. No kidding.

But this carnival isn’t all about hoisting a Foster’s and throwing another shrimp on the barbie. For one thing, the Australians I know have better taste in beer, and shrimp is incredibly expensive down under. These things I know by being part of the very international crime fiction community that spans the globe, communicates via the Internet through multiple forums and, incidentally, has generously hosted the carnival.

Helen points out some new blogs by familiar names – Reg Keeland, translator of the phenomenon known as Stieg Larsson, and Sara Paretsky, for whom blogging seems the perfect blend of the political and the personal. Thanks to Mack, she also uncovered a trove of auido files for the crime fan. And there’s more, much more. Take a look, and then browse through Helen’s wonderful book reviews while you’re there. You won’t run out of things to read, either via blog or by the printed page.  Nor, for that matter, will you run short of buff Aussie blokes.

photo of the “surf carnival” (no kidding) courtesy of Roger Oz.