about this blog

There are lots of good blogs about the crime fiction scene out there, and lots of clever people writing them, so it seemed a good time to kick off a carnival.

What’s a carnival, you say? It’s a movable feast, a progressive party, a chance for bloggers to get to know one another and for readers to get introduced to blogs they might have missed. Each blogger who participated hosted the carnival by posting a round-up of what’s going on in the blogosphere: what are people saying, reading, reacting to, complaining about, and who said something brilliant that shouldn’t be missed. A host could also decide to have a themed carnival and invite bloggers to write about a topic.

This blog merely serves as an archive of the carnivals. I’ll keep links to each carnival here, add more as they happen, and let you know where the party’s going to be next.

The Carnival made its way around the world a time or two, then called it a day. You might want to join the 24/7 Coney Island of the criminal minds over at FriendFeed.

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