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Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 9

February 7, 2008


Every day’s a carnival at Crimespot, the site that aggregates all the blague fit to blog from a wide variety of crime fiction-related sites. But this week, the site features a very special spot – Black Mystery Month. As a nod to Black History Month, this feature highlights African-American detectives, with links to an informative compilation by Brian Lindemuth, a helpful introduction to some memorable black detectives by Kevin Burton Smith over at January Magazine, and appreciations of Ed Lacy and In the Heat of the Night.

Next Up: the Carnival is heading to the erudite and well-informed research mecca, In Reference to Murder, where BV Lawson (rhymes with “awesome”) will delight carnival goers with daring feats of discovery.

photo montage of Notting Hill carnival courtesy of strollerdos