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Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 32

February 16, 2009

This edition of the Carnival is the Ultimate Carnival. Not because the rides are scarier, the cotton candy fluffier, or the freak show freakier. No, it’s because it’s had its run and in Internet years it’s getting a bit creaky. It did what it set out to do – introduce crime fiction readers to a wide variety of bloggers who could point out some of the most interesting writing going on in our corner of the blogosphere. Every host put his or her own stamp on it, and those who followed it around the world a couple of times got to hear about interesting books and writers and be part of a worldwide conversation about the genre.

But never fear! There is an even better way to waste time discover fine blogging and discuss it with fellow crime fiction fanatics. A while back, one of the massive brains involved with Euro Crime set up a crime and mystery fiction room in FriendFeed – a social site for sharing links and blog feeds that is hard to describe but is a mini-Harrogate, a daily Bouchercon, a place where readers can swap links, information, opinions, and thoughts.Sign up for an account, fool around with the knobs and buttons, and join in.

Meanwhile – many thanks to all who contributed to this Carnival. It’s been a good ride.

photo courtesy of j.reed


Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 28

December 22, 2008

The Carnival returns to The Rap Sheet, where it was first hosted over a year ago, for it’s newest incarnation – the Solstice Edition, otherwise known as “where on earth did 2008 go?” Since the ringmaster of the multi-ring circus, The Rap Sheet, has been busy with editorial gigs and book deadlines, not to mention writing much of what might be the most essential blog for crime fiction readers,  he has every right to ask that question. But in the meantime, he has rounded up a number of entertaining acts such as a book cover too good to miss from a blog that judges books by their covers, news of the tempting San Francisco Noir Film Festival as well as soon-to-be-released DVD collections for crime fiction lovers, and news of books past and to come. The virtual concessions are being handled by John’s Grill, mentioned in The Maltese Falcon, now celebrating its 100th year.

Next up: A return egagement at Mysteries in Paradise to start off the new year.

Photo courtesy of ChrisB in SEA

Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 20

August 15, 2008

The Carnival has traveled from Damien’s carnival down under to the big sky and corn country of southwestern Minnesota, where Crime Dog One’s Virtual Dive Bar is hosting a special freak show edition.

Proprietor Anthony Neil Smith serves up “a feast of Biker pulp, grind-house, Pentecostals, war comics, Minnesota, ‘transgressive’ fiction, and High School Satanists.” Wait, that’s just the primordial ooze of his next book. But he does offer a rare mix of transgressive zines, biker pulp, pentacostalism, and some of the unusual things you can find his newly-adopted state, home of the film Fargo, if not of the city of Fargo.  So warm up your woodchippers and come on down to the sideshow.

Up next: Come on up to the mezzanine, where Brian Lindenmuth offers his Observations from the Balcony, and if you’re lucky he may even share his popcorn.

Photos courtesy of bitzcelt and leeighia. (We love the Flickr creative commons pool!)

Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 19

August 1, 2008

We’re staying in Australia for this edition of the Carnival. Damien, of the Crime Down Under blog, and founder of the Australian Crime Fiction Database, invites one and all to sample the delights of Australian contributions to the genre. (Intriguingly, many of them seem to be set in other places – Thailand, Africa, and the wilds of Boston.) He also gives Daniel Hatadi a pat on the back for the crime fiction social-networking hangout, Crimespace, and to all those who contribute to AustCrimeFiction for their fine work promoting the genre.

While we’re talking about Australia, let’s also take note of the first annual Crime & Justice Festival, held recently in Melbourne and blogged about by Angela Savage, Helen (check out her haul!), Boomer, Sunnie (check out her haul, too!) and Karen. Sounds like a highly successful blend of fact and fiction – and a good excuse to make a trip down under, if you need one.

Next up: we’re heading to the other side of the world to the Minnesota home of Neil Anthony Smith and his Crime Dog One Virtual Dive Bar, where the Carnival will resume it’s previous schedule and reconvene around August 15th. If you would like the Carnival to visit your dive bar, please let the archivist know.

photo of a Melbourne carnival courtesy of Scootie.

Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 9.2

February 12, 2008

Crimespot has managed to host a second edition of the Carnival – this one all singing, all dancing! There’s some wonderful listening to be had here, from Angie’s incomparable In for Questioning, to a peek Behind the Black Mask, to . . . well, you’ll just have to dance on over to the carnival to find out.

Is this what happens when you’re up to your you-know-what in aggregators?

Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 4

November 16, 2007

Come sample the latest carnival rides and freak shows in the Carnival of the Criminal Minds, a celebration of all things criminal and mysterious, this time pitchincarnivalpic1.jpgg its tents at Femmes Fatales with host Mary Saums (pictured here in a rare Rio sighting*). Because Mary is able to enjoy crime fiction in all its subtle shades, she points the curious carnival-goer to new noir publications and to appreciations of the cozy, with a nice helping of blogs she considers “comfort reads” – low on hype, high on interesting comment.

Up next: The carnival is traveling to Ireland, where host Declan Burke will clue us in to what’s happening in the Auld Sod. (No, I’m not talking about Declan. He’s quite young, really.)

* sorry, Mary – couldn’t resist.

Carnival of the Criminal Minds, No. 2

October 17, 2007

rapsheettillie.jpgJeff Pierce at The Rap Sheet, who has been an enthusiastic barker for the carnival, now hosts a bang-up second event, a full three-rings (or more) of delights from all corners of the world. Along with introducing a number of blogs we’d like to be reading, there’s news here of new book projects, what webzines are up to, noir classics to remember, and what one Swedish writer does when he finds too much change in his pockets. Oh – and there’s also some essential kitchenware, thanks to J.D. Rhoades who is known to have a slightly warped sense of humor.

An then there’s Tillie – the happy face here who welcomed one and all to the Palace Amusements building, an indoor amusement park in Asbury Park, New Jersey. As Pierce explains, that structure is gone, but the mural was saved.

Tillie was a tribute, of sorts, to George C. Tilyou, the founder of Coney Island’s famous Steeplechase Park (1897-1964). He employed a similar grinning mug as the symbol of his trends-setting entertainment venue, which was renowned both for its half-mile mechanized horse race and, later, for its parachute jump, a fortunate transplant from the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Showman Tilyou conceived of his park as a place where everyone–young and old, male and female, wealthy and otherwise underprivileged–could find curiosities and distractions of varying degrees. A smörgasbord of delights. That’s not unlike what this Carnival of the Criminal Minds is designed to provide. So, while introducing our second entry in the series (Karen Chisholm hosted the previous carnival post at her Australian and New Zealand Crime Fiction Web site), let me also introduce our mascot for the installments that will appear in The Rap Sheet: Tillie.

The carnival packs up its gear and moves from the Left Coast to the Windy City, where Julia Buckley will host the carnival at her Mysterious Musings blog around November 1st. If you know of any sideshow acts or death-defying blog posts, let her know – or drop a line to the archivist.

welcome to the carnival!

September 14, 2007

What carnival? you may ask. It’s the one devoted to crime fiction, and everyone who love the genre is invited. And as you can see, we haven’t put on the body paint, built the floats, or thrown any beads yet. When we do, it won’t be happening here. This is just the archive – and at the moment it’s rather empty because the party hasn’t started. But when it does, we’ll post links to all of the carnivals here. Check the pages to the upper right to learn more, or just drop a line to the carnival’s archivist.